Oren's Thoughts on Software Development

  • WinRTTimeZones now on NuGet

    Tags: WinRT, Windows 8, Windows Store, C#

    In my previous post, I described how to convert Time Zones in WinRT/Store apps. I’ve gone ahead and released a Windows Runtime component to NuGet that provides basic time zone conversion. Use the … more

  • Using xUnit to test Metro Style Applications

    Tags: xUnit, WinRT

    Many people would like to use xUnit to test their Metro-style applications. While this isn’t yet currently possible with the main xUnit binaries, I have updated the code to get it working on … more

  • How To Use Extension SDKs per-project

    Tags: Windows 8, WinRT, VS11


    Extension SDKs are one of the new ways of distributing components for Metro-style applications. An Extension SDK is similar in concept to a regular assembly reference, but is instead a … more

  • Reflections on Reflection

    Tags: WinRT, .NET45, Reflection

    The Reflection API in .NET 4.5 received an overhaul. It’s easy to miss at first glance as for backwards-compatibility reasons, when you’re targeting .NET 4.5, you’ll still see all of the properties … more

  • Welcome to my new site

    It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally gotten around to getting something going on my site. So, a brief introduction – I am a developer technical specialist at a recent startup over in … more

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